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Information for Prospective Volunteers

I'm not that proficient in reading the old script but would like to try. Can I help with transcriptions or translations?

Of course. We encourage all members to learn the old script and sharpen their German or English-language skills. More experienced volunteers are always willing to help others with questions. It is only through a combined effort that records will be understood and research advanced. Additionally, the more people who learn to read the old script and acquire the necessary language skills, the less likely it is that this portion of our heritage will disappear.

When a scan notification is posted, is there a way to determine who will work on the transcription or translation?

Our database system will allow a volunteer to select a scan and enter their name in that scan's entry. There is also the option of entering notes for other volunteers if additional work is needed on a scan. Once a volunteer has posted their work, that message number will be recorded in the database entry. Only active scans will be shown there. Once work is completed, the scan will be removed. This lists are a great example of teamwork!

How do I know which scans still need to be completed? Is it necessary to go through all the messages?

It is not necessary to look through posted messages. The volunteers will be provided with a link for the database for pending work. Within that database, you will find the name of the scan, the creator's name, the number of the message announcing the scan and the URL for the scan. If a volunteer has selected a particular scan, they will enter their name in the appropriate box and update the entry. If a volunteer needs help with a scan, they can post that information within the message portion of the database.

Ich kann kein (nicht ausreichend) English um mich in einer englischsprachigen Liste zu beteiligen. Kann ich mich trotzdem aktiv in der Transcribe Group betätigen?

Natürlich. Es wird nicht erwartet, dass die Transkribierungen ins Englische übersetzt werden - dafür finden sich dann andere Mitglieder bereit.

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