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Questions from Prospective Members


Please review the following questions and answers prior to requesting membership in one of our groups.

Question 1: I have a handwritten document for which a transcription and translation would be helpful. How do I know if this is a document that Transcribe Group will accept?

Answer 1: Please refer to the image for Sütterlin script. If the handwriting in your document resembles this, your document will most likely be accepted. Sütterlin was taught in German schools from 1915 to 1941. Prior to that time, Kurrent was the script found in documents. Kurrent is very similar to Sütterlin. If your document is dated 1941 or earlier, it will be one of these scripts.

Question 2: The handwriting in my document resembles Sütterlin but was written after 1941. Will Transcribe Group accept it?

Answer 2: Since Sütterlin was taught until 1941, it is very likely that there are documents with that type of script. More recent documents, however, will not be in either Kurrent or Sütterlin.

Question 3: What is the difference between a transcription and a translation?

Answer 3: A transcription is the process of converting the old script to either modern script or modern type. A translation is the process of converting a document from one language to another, after the transcription is completed.

Question 4: Will I be able to obtain a translation on Transcribe Group?

Answer 4: If you have a handwritten document for which you are requesting a transcription, a translation will also be provided if it has been accepted.

Question 5: When the phrase "modern type" is used, what does that mean?

Answer 5: Please refer to the image for a sample of Gothic type, also known as Fraktur. If a document is presented in Fraktur, it will be necessary for the member to first convert the Fraktur to modern type in order to request a translation. Fraktur is not accepted on Transcribe Group.

Question 6: Are there formal rules for this group?

Answer 6: Yes. The rules and procedures for the group will be provided to each member upon acceptance of their membership request. The rules can also be found on the files page and will be automatically delivered to members on a regular basis.

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